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Rodent Removal, Rat Trapping & Control

Your 1st Line Of Defense Against Peskty Rat Rodents

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Rat Rodent Removal

Every job includes a Full Inspection of your property, followed by Professional Rodent Removal Services that fit your specific situation.

Rat Feces Clean Up

Rodents can make a great mess of your property! We can clean up & sanitize all rodent rat poop. Need new attic insulation? We can do that too. This saves you time & money.

Rat Proofing and Exclusion

We can help with protecting your property against future Rodent invaders. We use the latest techniques available & do all is at a great cost too.

Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts only provide smart and necessary Rodent Control. When it comes to Rat Removal, we offer Rodent Trapping & Removal Services.

Common Calls For Rodent Rat Problems

Rodent Rat Removal Services. Rat Rodents usually become a nuisance in the inner cities. These pesky rodents are labeled as a nuisance pest due to their destruction and presence on private properties. The most common calls and complaints include the following:

  • Rodents digging up the garden
  • Rodents living in the attic
  • Rodents living in the crawlspace
  • Rodents living in the chimney
  • Rodents tearing holes in vents or roof
  • Rodents stealing pet food or bird seed
  • Rodents entering through pets door
  • Rodents dead in the attic or crawlspace
  • Rodents presence alarming dogs/pets
  • Sick, potentially rabid Rodents

When this happens, many property owners wish to have the nuisance Rodent Rat trapped and removed by Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts. We know how to get rid of Rat Rodents in your backyard or attic.

Rodent Removal & Control Services

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Rats at your Residence? 

Rodents love the city life and the food source we provide. They can find food just about anywhere in the city. Rats can lead to damages like chewing through sprinkler systems, chewed wires, damage your HVAC systems, infesting insulation with feces and urine, damage to your home and garden. They multiply very fast and infest your home. They will also eat stored food and your pet food potentially spreading disease and bacteria. The best solution rat control would have to be trapping and removing.

Rats at your Commercial Property? 

Rats can survive in the poorest conditions and affect your business. They can spread disease and bacteria in their urine and feces. They will chew anything and everything causing serious damage to your business. Rats can travel through advance systems of sprinklers, pipes, and vents that run throughout the business. A full inspection is the best response, addressing anything and everything rat problems.

Rodent Removal Services | Rat Trapping, Removal, and Control

  • Los Angeles Rat Rodent Removal
  • Orange County Rat Rodent Removal

Professional Rat Removal Services. Do you hear Rodent noises in the attic? Or have Rodents destroying your backyard?. Maybe Rat Rodents got into your crawl space? Or finding rodent rat poop in your house or office?. Yes, rats can become a pest. Tired of dealing with pest rodents? If that is you, then my rodent control company can help solve your rat problems for good. We have the experience and know how to make your property free of rodents. Our experts only using smart and efficient methods that will get rid of your rat problems. Rodent removal requires qualified and experts. If you own a home or business and have rodent problems, then you can rely on our rodent removal experts. Some people refer to this service as rat pest control or rodent control or even rat exterminators. We specialize in professional rat trapping and wild rodent management, and we are not regular insect pest exterminators. We are rat trappers. Real Trappers get Dirty!.

Norwegian Roof Rats - Rat Removal, Trapping & Control

Norwegian rats are the most common rat found throughout the world except Antarctica. These animals can live in the poorest conditions and be very destructive. Since their teeth do not stop growing, they chew or gnaw on things to keep their teeth short and sharp. Their diets consist of anything and everything. If you're storing food, the rat will continue to eat until and come back until there's nothing left. Rats also have the ability to fit into areas as big as their head. Their bones allow them to do so, allowing them to fit into the unlikeliest places. The risk of having rats living in your home can lead to rats chewing on anything, from cable wires to lead pipes, transmitting disease from poop and urine, along with carrying mites and fleas.

Rats Can Cause Damages - Rat Proofing and Removal

We witness daily on how rats can destroy yards, soffits, vents, screens and wiring seeking shelter in the structure of your home or building. From rats nesting in the yard to rat in the attic. Rats can also cause over thousands of dollars worth in damages to property owners in Los Angeles & Orange Couty. We know from firsthand experience that rodents do significant damage to properties. Rats are leaving behind urine and feces which can become a health hazard to you or your pets. Rats get into walls and attic causing an unhealthy environment to live in. Not only that, you have to spend the money to have everything cleaned and sanitized.

Rat Prevention Services | Sealing of Entry/Exit Points

Rodent Proofing Services

Rodent prevention is probably one of the most valuable services you should get done. Rats cause damages to your home seeking shelter or trying to nest. We do a thoroughly Inspection of your property to identify all entry/exit points.  Our experts can seal up any entry/exit points caused by the rodents in Los Angeles & Orange County. Exclusion repairs will help you for further prevention of nuisance rat rodents. We only use high-grade materials to complete every entry/exit point repair. It is standard all our technicians carry these materials. Prices can vary due to the damage and that every home will not be the same as yours.

Rats in the Attic - Scratching Noise at Night in the Attic

Hear scratching noises in the Attic? Rats could be the culprit!. Rats and baby rats that have invaded your attic, crawlspace, or walls can be loud and frightening. They tend to make lots of noises by making scratching sounds on the ceiling, drywall, or walls of your property. Rodent Rats also make loud scurrying sounds in the attic. Rats can fit into just about any small holes in the structure of your property. Rodent Rats make little squeaking sounds, Unlike any other rodent. If you are hearing lots of scurrying noises in the attic, it's probably a rat. We can help you identify which animal is making the sounds in your attic space. Not only can we identify rat rodent problems, but we can also assist you with the removal of the rats in your attic. Once the raccoons have been removed safely, Our team can source the entry and exit points.

If you have Rats is in your attic, you probably have a big hole somewhere. First of all, Rats love the attic; it provides high shelter away from people and predators. An attic is also a perfect place for a female rat to have their young ones.  We will thoroughly inspect the outside of the property. We identify all possible entryways by Rats oil stains where they have been entering your home over a period. Based on the evidence we find, we will begin repairs.

Rats on your Roof

If Rats are on your roof, they most likely have an entrance point from the roof into your attic. Most common entry points are builders gap, which the home builders have a gap behind the shingles, eaves, and vents. The rats can simply pull back the shingles, or chew through wood to get in. They can also tear through the roof and will lead to excessive damage, like water damage, roof leaks and more activity for Rats. We will need to fortify the roof. If the rats are just on your roof and not getting into your attic. I would recommend we do some outdoor rat trapping.

Rats in your Crawlspace

This is a common issue overlooked by homeowners. After getting their homes services by the AC company or internet provider, they sometimes forget to close up the crawlspace entrance. Not only that, it opens many doors for rats from entering the home. First, we would try to locate other possible entry points. Since an animal has been going in your crawlspace, there is a reasonable chance that an animal is still there. We would inspect before moving on towards any repairs.

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