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Snake Removal & Control Services

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Snake Removal

Every job includes a FULL INSPECTION of your property, followed by humane snake removal services that fit your specific situation.

Snake Clean Up

Our Professionals can clean up & sanitize all snake poop and waste. This saves you time & money.

Snake Exclusion

We can help with protecting your property against snake invaders. We use the latest techniques available & do all is at a great cost too.

Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts always approaches every job humanely. When it comes to Snake Removal, we offer Humane Snake Removal & Snake Prevention Services.

Snake Removal Services | Snake Trapping & Control

Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts, is a Professional Animal Removal & Control Company that provides Humane Snake Removal. During the hotter season, snakes are more active and will begin to move on residence or commercial buildings looking for shelter and food. They are carnivorous reptiles and eat smaller animals like rats, mice, frogs, lizards, fish, bird eggs and sometimes other snakes. Not all snakes are venomous. They move by slithering and some will climb trees and vines. Shedding their skin is their way growing. You will often find snake skin around the property meaning the snake may still be in the area. Ensure your safety and call a professional.

Snakes are Dangerous and Will Attack!!

Are you considering removing or trapping the animal yourself? THINK AGAIN! You could be putting you and your family in scary situation way. California Wild Animals are not safe to remove on your own OR sending your family to handle the situation. Our seasoned professionals work in a safe and cautious manner to ensure that no one is harmed in the process, including the animals. Our traps are effective and humane. Our careful planning and preparation means, we'll remove the animal as quickly as possible.

Common Call For Snake Problems

Snake Removal Services. Snakes usually become a nuisance in the inner cities. These pesky snakes are labeled as a nuisance pest due to their presence on private properties. When this happens, many property owners wish to have the nuisance snakes removed by Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts. We know how to get rid of snakes in your backyard.

Snake Removal

Snakes often hide in cover, cool shaded areas, sometimes other wildlife burrows. They are likely to hibernate in the colder seasons. If you see a snake and need immediate assistance on removal, please contact us to get a quote over the phone.

Snake Prevention

Snakes are going to travel foraging for food. If unsuccessful, they will travel around when food is scarce. We can build a snake fence to prevent them from entering the property, or apply a deterrent that will deter them away from the property.

Need Humane Snake Removal? Give Us A Call Today!


Snakes at your Residence 

Snakes love the city life and the food source we provide. They can find food just about anywhere in the city. Your home is the best place for snakes to nest and find food. Mice and rats food is the snakes's main food sources.They will eat lizards, other snakes, birds, fish and frogs. We recommend working on exclusion work to prevent all these from happening, but will not stop them from coming to your yard. The best solution snake control would have to be removed.

Snakes at your Commercial Property

Snakes adapt to most situations. They love to travel and explore without being disturbed. A business is a perfect area since most businesses close after a certain time. Unattended to rummage through the the property, looking for food  and nest on the most convenient part of the building. They can also access into your business without you knowing. A full inspection is the best response, addressing anything and everything snake problems.

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