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Riverside County Animal Removal


Riverside County Wildlife Removal

Every job includes a Full Inspection of your Riverside County property, followed by humane animal removal services that fit your specific situation.

Riverside County Attic Cleaning

Our professionals can clean up & sanitize all animal poop. Need new insulation? We can do that too. This saves you time & money.

Riverside Wildlife Prevention

We can help with protecting your property against wildlife invaders. We use the latest techniques available & do all this at a great cost too.

Riverside County Animal Removal & Control Operates Safely & Humanely!

Riverside County Animal Removal & Control Company. We provide non-toxic and humane wildlife removal in Riverside County, Ca. Services Types: Raccoon Removal, Opossum Removal, Skunk Removal, Coyote Removal, Feral Cat Removal, Squirrel RemovalRat Removal, Mice Removal, Gopher Removal, Mole Removal, Snake Removal, Bird Removal, Bat Removal, and Bee Removal. We also provide Dead Animal Removal Services. We Get Rid of Pest Wildlife, Safely & Humanely. Contact Us Now For Affordable Prices! on Animal Removal Services in Riverside County. Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts can help you with All Animal Removals, Clean Ups, and Prevention Services in Riverside County. Cities We Service:

Riverside Animal Removal

  • Phone: (951)324-5036

You can Call or Texted our local office in Riverside County. Get A Quote Over The Phone In Minutes! Fast & Humanely! 

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Common Wildlife Complaints Of Riverside County

Wildlife in Riverside County is usually labeled as a nuisance due to their destruction and presence on private properties. The most common complaints include the following:

  • Digging up the garden
  • Rolling up the sod or grass
  • Living in the attic
  • Living in the crawlspace
  • Living in the chimney
  • Tearing holes through vents or roof
  • Tipping over garbage cans
  • Stealing pet food or bird seed
  • Entering through pets door
  • Dead animal in the attic or crawlspace
  • Animals presence alarming dogs/pets
  • Sick, potentially rabid animals

When this happens, many people in Riverside County wish to have the nuisance animal trapped and removed by a professional wildlife trapping and removal company. Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts is the company for you! We know how to get rid of pesky wildlife from your yard, crawlspace or attic. Your Riverside County urban wildlife technician will take care of wild animals that damage your home and property, threaten you, your children or your pets, and bring disease and parasites into your home, such as: raccoons, bats, pigeons, skunks, opossums, coyotes, snakes, swallows, woodpeckers, voles, rats, gophers, squirrels, moles, & chipmunks.

We are Riverside County best wildlife removal & control professionals. Licensed by California Department of Fish and Wildlife. We work hard and go far beyond normal animal control services. We identify the main root of the problem and provide a humane solution to the critter problems. Unfortunately, There are no free animal control or animal removal services in Riverside County, Ca. Below is a list of animal removal and wildlife management services we offer. Call our local office and get a free quote over the phone

  • Property and Yard Inspection
  • Nontoxic Animal Removal 
  • Wildlife Trapping and Removal
  • Bat and Bird Control
  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Wildlife Prevention 
  • Animal Damage Repairs
  • Attic Cleanup and Restoration
  • Noises In Walls or Attic
  • Unknown Animal Identification

Here at Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts, our professionally trained wildlife control specialist can capture wildlife, remove wildlife, exclusion of wildlife, repair wildlife damages, cleanup of wild animal poop, wildlife prevention, dead animal removal and fully restore your attic. We also offer bat & bird control services in Riverside County. Wildlife Removal Service Riverside County.

Chris K Removing a Skunk

Here's a picture of us removing a skunk that has made it's home in the water heater shed.

Los Angeles Animal Removal & Trapping Services

We offer humane animal removal & trapping for animals that have invaded your property

BBB Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts A+ Rating

Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts strives to deliver the best in wildlife control quality, low-priced animal control services, and wildlife prevention for customers in need of services in the greater Riverside County area. Call us today for a free price quote on animal control, animal trapping, animal removal, and dead animal removal for Riverside County. Also, ask about our exclusion services.

NWCOA Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts

We can remove all wild animals from your home or business location. Our process is always safe, humane, and nontoxic animal removal. Our trained wildlife technicians use a professional process to remove and secure your home or office from nuisances wildlife today and in the future.

It starts with your phone call and we will carefully listen to your wildlife problem. Every case is different, so we will ask appropriate questions to help us understand the situation better. Questions like, "do you hear the noises at night or during the daytime?" or "what type of roof do you have?" After we have a general idea of your situation, we can provide a ballpark price range, and schedule a same-day or next-day appointment to inspect your property.

Call Us Today For Wildlife Removal Services In Riverside County

Toll-Free 1-844-698-7277

Riverside County Wildlife & Animal Removal, Bird & Rodent Removal Riverside County

Los Angeles Raccoon Removal and ControlWe often respond to calls form Riverside County customers that raccoons, skunks, opossums, bat, snakes, birds, and other wildlife have entered their home or business. Wild animals in Riverside County mostly like to take refuge in the attic, crawlspace, or walls but sometimes end up inside the physical home or office. It's common that animals will enter your home through an open door, a window left open, or even enter through the doggy door. We understand this can be a frightening situation for most people. So, we often respond immediately in urgent cases like these. Safety is Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts top priority when it comes to property owners and wildlife. We will take the animals out humanely by using a katch-all pole or net pole. We safely snared the animal and secured them in a humane trap for transportation. Our animal removal experts in Riverside County are very professional and comfortable handling these types of wildlife issues. We have Over 50 years of combined wildlife removal experience that can help you solve your wildlife problems. We service all cities in Riverside County for animal control services.

Professional Wildlife Removal Riverside County | Animal Trapping Services

Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts always uses humane wildlife trapping for customers in need of wildlife removal Riverside County. Our professionals will come to your home or business and start with a thorough inspection. When it comes to wildlife removal, we identify where the animals are entering the structure home or building. Whether it’s animals in your attic, animals tearing up your garden, or animals under your house. It doesn't matter. We handle all wildlife situations. Our wildlife experts usually set up 1-3 humane traps to catch the animals. We will leave the traps for a reasonable amount of time. Once the animals have been trapped and removal humanely, Our experts can then seal up any openings or clean up any animal poop waste left behind if needed. We service all cities of Riverside County. Call Us For Humane Animal Trapping & Removal in Riverside County.

Riverside County Attic Cleaning & Decontamination Services

Attic Restoration Attic Clean OutIt may be desirable to clean your attic after we've removed the animals. They can leave behind large amounts of droppings, urine, hair, oils, food, nesting material, and so on. These remnants can attract insects like cockroaches, and the scent left behind can encourage new animals to chew their way into your house. You might experience odor problems from the waste. It's possible that mold will grow in waste areas.

  • We remove or vacuum all droppings, or remove all the soiled insulation.
  • We fog the attic with a special enzyme-based cleaner that destroys any organic matter and deodorizes the space.
  • We repair damage, such as ductwork, electrical wires, pipes, insulation, and more.

The above is just a brief explanation of some of our methods. I haven't even addressed the hundreds of other potential cases that we deal with, from bat exclusions to poison-free rodent control, to dead animal removal, bird roosting prevention, mole trapping in a yard, ground-based exclusion barriers around a shed, etc. etc. Just give us a call anytime, and we can describe in detail how we will resolve your specific wildlife problem.

Things like rats, bats, and snakes belong outside, thriving in the wild. So why do they end up in our homes? There are many of reasons for this: shelter, food, a place to nest. Maybe the weather got too hot or cold for them and your home seemed the easiest to enter undetected. Whatever your case may be, we've got you covered. We handle simple things like inspections and we also do the hard stuff, like trapping, removing, and repairing the damages caused by wildlife in Riverside County, Ca.

Are There Wild Animals In Riverside County? Are They Dangerous or Will They Attack!!?

The Answer is YES!. Are you considering removing or trapping the animal yourself? THINK AGAIN! You could be putting you and your family in scary situation way. California Wild Animals are not safe to remove on your own OR sending your family to handle the situation. Our seasoned professionals work in a safe and cautious manner to ensure that no one is harmed in the process, including the animals. Our traps are effective and humane. Our careful planning and preparation means, we'll remove the animal as quickly as possible.

We Service The Following Cities In Riverside County For Animal Removal & Wildlife Control Services

Riverside County Pest Animal Removal

Pest Animal Removal Riverside County - Wildlife Professionals

We are a Full-Services Animal Removal & Control Company in Riverside County that can provide humane removal of: Raccoon Removal, Opossum Removal, Skunk Removal, Coyote Removal, Feral Cat Removal, Squirrel Removal, Chipmunk Removal, Rat Removal, Mice Removal, Gopher Removal, Mole Removal, Snake Removal, Bird Removal, Bat Removal, and Bee Removal. We also provide Dead Animal Removal Services for Animal Removal Riverside County, Ca. Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts can help you with All Animal Removals, Clean Up, and Prevention.

We Can Handle All Animal Removals Safely & Humanely

Riverside County Raccoon Removal
Riverside County Opossum Removal
Riverside County Skunk Removal
Riverside County Rat/Mice Removal
Riverside County Squirrel Removal
Riverside County Bat Removal
Riverside County Snake Removal
Riverside County Bird Removal

Riverside County Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal Riverside County is a necessary job to be done. Wild animals can carry diseases causing in their deaths, which in all cases can end up at your home. Other animals get poisoned from consuming rats or mice that have been poisoned. Some just simply die of old age. Larger animals such as raccoons, opossums, skunks, or cats that die inside your crawlspace or attic can leave your home smelling for three to four months. The death of a rat or mice in your walls, attic, or crawlspace can leave your home smelling for 2 weeks to a month. Dead animal removal should be taken seriously and handled immediately. Maggots and flies also come along with the odor in your home. We Service Riverside County for Dead Animal Removal. "Read More"

Yelp Testimonials

Grgl L.5 Star Rating

I saw two skunks on my patio a couple of nights ago, then last night I went into the back yard and saw them go into the crawl space under the house - apparently the cable installer didn't close it up sufficiently. Called Urban Wildlife, David gave me an exact quote and said he'd have a technician call me. Chris called five minutes later and said he could be at the house in 20 minutes.

He crawled under the house, did a through inspection, and luckily for me the skunks weren't under there. He closed up a couple of areas where critters might get in and was gone in about 30 minutes. Thanks!

Maria S.5 Star Rating

Chris is my hero!!! I called yesterday on Valentine's Day and he came out the same day after 3 other appoints in opposite ends of Los Angeles! A skunk has been living under my house in the crawl space spraying the heater and charging at me when I leave at 5 AM for work, for the last couple of months the skunk has became more aggressive. Our cat got into a fight with the skunk scratching our cat's face and spraying her. I was at my wits end with this skunk. Chris trapped her after an hour of her playing a game of coming out only to enter again. Once caged she sprayed but he noticed she was pregnant and realized why she was so aggressive, he took her with him to relocate her since to have her babies in the wild and agreed she would come back if he only scared her out. Words cannot express the anxiety and stress Chris took off my shoulders. Thank you!!!!!!

The C.5 Star Rating

As good as advertised.

Stop reading these reviews and just call them. Came within 90 minutes, helped scour our house for the funky smell.

When Chris could not find anything, charged us less than the quote.

Instant add to our "House Vendors List".

David C.5 Star Rating

We have used these guys for years with excellent results.  Jonathan is always available and provides excellent service.  We wont use anybody else.

Jack L.5 Star Rating

Excellent service.  We had squirrel trapped in our fireplace.  They quickly scheduled a time and captured and released the squirrel.

Linda B.5 Star Rating

Called them on a Friday night and they were at our house the next morning - Mike was great - he set the traps but also looked at our roof to see if there were areas compromised - once the possum was in the trap Chris came and picked it up - he also made the repairs needed to keep animals out of the attic.  Very reasonable - very responsive.  Wouldn't use anyone else.  I now see why they have such great reviews!  Thank you so much

Tanya K.5 Star Rating

I'm so glad I found this place! I found a weird and very intricate nest hanging on a wire on my balcony late at night. We couldn't figure what it was and had all types of guesses going, which set us into panic mode. I found Urban Wildlife Trappers online and called them around 11pm.
Monica was very helpful with getting things started for me. They were able to tell me what it was based on a picture I sent them.
It turned it to be a hummingbird nest (felt pretty silly), but because it was sitting on a wire, I thought it would be best if it was removed.
The next morning Rio got in touch with me and gave  me some great options on what to do.
When he arrived, he took care of things very quickly and charged us less than quoted.
So great to work with honest and genuine people! Thank you Rio!

Arlene B.5 Star Rating

So I've been hearing birds in my attic for the past week or so. I called Jonathan and Chris to come check out my home. They came about an hour after I contacted them and they inspected my house. They quickly targeted the problem areas in my attic, which were several openings along the base of my attic and top of the roof.

They began to go to work almost as soon as they arrived determining that sparrows and pigeons we're frequenting my home. They cleaned up any leftover animal waste, sanitized the affected areas, extracted any old nests, and set up some animal prevention barriers to patch up all the holes.

They did it in a timely manner and we're very professional. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks Again!

Arlene and Jared.

Jennifer A.

I rent a home in North Hills, CA. At night for a couple months now, we've been hearing scratching noises and just heavy steps on our ceiling. I called my landlord and they sent someone to see what is up in our attic. It ended up being a possum! So they ended up hiring Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts.

Saani called me and made an appointment to come by the same afternoon. I have a 4 year old son and a 3 month old and he was very friendly and polite to us and our kids. He came into our house and spent a great deal of time fighting this very stubborn possum. It was a female and mentioned that she must be pregnant by the way she was fighting him. However, he was able to grab her and close the trap so no other predators would be able to come in. Thank goodness! He explained everything we needed to know and answered all our questions. He did such a great job and would highly recommend using them and referring to any friends or family that needs their service.

Rachel G.
5 Star Rating

Very courteous and accommodating service. Response time was good and reasonable pricing for a skunk removal.  Thank you!

Thank you to Sanni for a seamless job. We caught another skunk and he removed it without having the skunk spray. Awesome!

David M.5 Star Rating

During Easter weekend we discovered a visiting family of opossums taking residence in our garage. We called Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts and they called us back promptly. Trapper Saani was professional and used care removing our visitors. We highly recommend them and were very pleased with their promptness and customer service!!!

Mark H.
5 Star Rating

Jonathan and Mike did a fantastic job trapping the skunks that were hanging out around my house recently.  Very easy to work with and were extremely professional and courteous.  I would highly recommend them for removing any Critters!!

5 Star Rating

My landlord contacted this company because we had been hearing a lot of noises on our roof. Matt came out right away and set traps. He was very helpful and explained everything. The very next day I called him because we had caught a large possum...gross....he came out right away and picked up the possum and explained a lot about it. He then left more traps. Matt was always available early in the morning when we needed him to come get the gross rodents out of our yard in their cage. We've caught two so far and we can still here one roaming around. Thanks Matt!

Armen G.
5 Star Rating

I had a gopher that was destroying my back yard I called this company the owner personally responded he came out on a rainy day set the trap and in a week came back and removed the dead gopher.  
He is in my opinion the best at what he does and is worth the money.  I paid him $150 and he saved my back Yard.
I would use him again in the future.

Adri E.
5 Star Rating

Chris and his partner (so so sorry I didn't get his name) are my heroes!! I trapped a skunk instead of the mean tom cat I am targeting. It was fascinating to watch them transfer from my cage to theirs.  I'm also so pleased to hear that they catch and release somewhere else. Chris gave me great pointers on catching the mean cat, too. They are also very friendly and easy to work with.  You guy's are the best!!

Mike M.
5 Star Rating

I want to thank Jonathan and his great team. We called because of a horrible smell as skunks were spraying under our house built in the 1920's. There was a crawl space opening under the property that was not repaired. The skunks were seen going in and out and spraying just a few feet below us.

Sure enough I called Jonathan and his team. They were prompt, through and truly went the extra mile. We did get one of the skunks from under the house in addition to one that died under there.

His team came out and ensured under the house was sanitized and clean, and in addition sealed and secured the opening. I am very grateful for such a hardworking team of professionals that got us through the trying time of having our home smell like skunk right below us. I recommend Jonathan and his team to anyone.

Joseph J.
5 Star Rating

Fast response time and good overall customer service. After getting quotes from several other service providers they were by far the best deal in town! Jonathan was very genuine and though I hope I don't have to contact them again...I wouldn't hesitate if I needed to. Thanks again!

Bethhany H.
5 Star Rating

Trapper John and his team are very accommodating and very nice. Saani and Rio have helped us with our raccoon problem. We've caught 3 so far and there seems to be just 1 left. We're glad we called and glad they're able to humanely help the little guys. We don't want to hurt them, we just don't really want them in the house. Urban Wildlife has been really great!

Kevin L.

Called up Urban Wildlife early in the morning, they were able to accommodate my working schedule and come after 6PM same day!  Rosan?  I am not sure if I spelled his name right but he came through and was incredibly personable and professional.  Not only that, he was extremely efficient as well.  He was able to grab this possum I had stuck in my garage with his BAREHANDS!!  Put the possum in a cage and drove off in to the sunset to find her another home.

Mitchell K.
5 Star Rating

We had a bird fly into our home and perch 30 feet above the floor on a beam in our entrance hall. I called Johnathan at 6:15am on a Sunday morning and they had a technician out to our house within 90 minutes. They safely removed the bird, not injuring it and also being VERY careful of our home's furnishings, walls and floors.
They were so professional and they saved us!
Without a doubt, a great company with experts.

Jason E.
5 Star Rating

We've used Urban Wildlife on two separate occasions. Both times Jonathan has been fantastic. If you need to get rid of skunks, Jonathan is the guy!

Kelly A.5 Star Rating

We had a potentially very tricky situation when a mama raccoon had babies in our attic.  We could hear the chittering and chirping of the babies right over our heads in the bedroom, lots of scratching and scuffling.  We popped out heads up through the trap door into the attack and there she was, an enormous female hovering over her litter in the far corner in a narrow crawl space.  Even though it was late on a Sunday evening these guys got right back to us and sent Mike out the next morning,  The Mike was on time, knowledgable, humane, knows his craft.  The plan was to do pheromones first so she would move them on her own.  Turns out she had moved the babies in the night, possibly spooked by us.  Mike did a thorough perimeter inspection and sealed the entry ways.  Super professional.  Fair price. Quick response.  I would call them again for critter issues.

Marck S.
5 Star Rating

What a fantastic group. Thought I had a rat in my wall. Noisy at night, and then I heard more then 1. Waited thinking it would move on, not really into killing little animals. Called these guys and they came out the same day. Checked around didn't see anything so we thought it had left. Then more noise, they come back and recheck. We bust a hole in the wall, wham a raccoon baby paw comes out. Wow! So glad I called these experts, solved my problem and no animals were harmed!

Chris R.
5 Star Rating

Jonathon was awesome, very efficient, and easy to work with.  I was surprised at how clean he got the roof, and not only did he remove the birds and mesh everything up, he made his cuts very clean.  It is obvious he prides himself in being very organized and thorough.  I will definitely being calling him again if I have more problems

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